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Application Process

When applying

Job-openings will appear regularly on this site. Only apply for jobs that are posted. Teachers applying for a position in our school need to possess a valid teaching qualification and be willing to subject themselves to a police check. When submitting your application, please include the position name (i.e. Secondary Math, Primary Art, etc.) in the subject line.

Highly desirable candidates will have:

  • Very strong English and/or German language proficiency
  • Evidence of successful experiences in a similar educational settings
  • Advanced degrees
  • Familiarity with the IB PYP, IGCSE, the Berlin State system, and/or IB DP
  • A willingness to lead or start a school club
  • An ability to facilitate rigorous learning using advanced ICT
  • The potential to be team players / a collaborative spirit and mentality
  • An understanding of how to articulate curriculum in a K - 12 school
  • The capability to improve language competency no matter the subject area taught
  • A can do, will succeed attitude
  • High stamina, and a sense of humor!  

Application Process

The Interview

Our interview process for teaching faculty reflects our approaches to all aspects of our work: purposeful and learning-focused.

The purpose here is to assess the degree of fit between your approaches to learning, teaching and assessing, and ours.

We like to give you time to reflect and prepare in advance, so we are providing you now with the main lines of inquiry that will shape our short time together. While each interview evolves differently, our key questions will be as follows:

  • What have been the most influential elements in your career to date, and how have they shaped your approaches to learning, teaching and assessing?
  • Why do you teach?
  • Why should anyone be taught by you? Why B.I.S?
  • Specifically, what is it about our school that interests you?
  • What added value would you bring to our school and community?
  • What might you gain from working with us?

For interviews we encourage you to bring with you evidence of student learning, as an illustration of your approaches to learning, teaching and assessing. This can be in the medium or format of your choice. A trial lesson is part of the process.

We very much look forward to meeting you!