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A school is only as good as its faculty,

and Berlin International School prides itself on the training and dedication of its teaching staff. All teachers are not only fully qualified in the subjects they teach, but have an admirable range of advanced university qualifications and educational experience.

While at B.I.S., our faculty regularly participates in additional training and further development of teaching, communication and class-management skills. Our school is a learning community where all are involved in a continuous process of improvement and enrichment. The school is committed to fostering a positive climate for continuous learning. Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is the means by which the school is able to motivate and develop its community. It does so at a variety of levels - individual, team, whole school and through wider networks with an emphasis on collaborative learning.

The school believes in the philosophy that “effective teachers should take ownership and give a high priority to professional development”. It believes that a coherent and progressive opportunity to develop professionally and personally both improves standards and raises morale through personal and professional fulfilment and assists recruitment and retention.

Faculty members are supported at B.I.S. through a variety of programmes. New teachers are assigned "buddies" to help them move to Berlin and get adjusted and familiarized with the local landscape. A mentor programme, pairing experienced IB teachers with less experienced teachers to transfer their knowledge, is under development. Subject and team leaders, Heads of Department as well as curriculum coordinators ensure the delivery of a demanding, broad-based education for all students.