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Student's Exchange Fair / Open Doors

Once again, Berlin International School (B.I.S.), located on Campus Dahlem, will host a student’s exchange fair facilitated by the Stiftung Deutsche Völkerverständigung.

This is the fourth time the student’s exchange fair has taken place at the B.I.S. As the school’s Director, Richard Eaton, explains, “This event is an ideal fit for our community of over 70 nationalities from Grades 1-12."

This year, B.I.S. will also open its doors on this occasion. Thus, if you would like to learn something about the IB Diploma Programmme offered by B.I.S. as an international higher education entrance qualification, we would recommend a visit.

We will welcome interested students, parents, and educators to participate in guided tours of the campus and presentations about the history of the school and its founders, the Stiftung Privat Kant-Schulen gGmbH, one of the most significant educational organizations in Berlin.

The student’s exchange fair itself is also a draw, as it will inform interested students and families about stays abroad during the school year and/or on holidays, in addition to providing information about funding opportunities and scholarships available abroad.

The student’s exchange fair – combined with tours and presentations about Berlin International School and Stiftung Privat Kant-Schulen gGmbH – will begin at 10.00 on Campus Dahlem, located in the Lentzeallee 8/14, 14195, Berlin.

Further information about the student’s exchange fair can also be found at