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Job offer::School Welfare Officer

We are currently seeking a School Welfare Officer for an immediate opening. Experience and/or qualifications as a nurse or first responder prefered. The successful applicant will be someone familiar and comfortable with the needs of young people (ages 6 - 18) in a school setting.

Tentative Start Date: As soon as possible.

The successful candidate will be joining a high performing and dedicated international faculty focused on enabling all students to maximize their potential. Applicants are asked to send a cv (resume) and a letter of application that includes mention of their experience working with young people to:


Further Education and Professional Development

We are seeking competent and experienced staff for the founding and on-going development of the KANT Academy - a central Bureau for Further Education and Professional Development for the Schools of the KANT Organisation.


Interested persons should ideally:

- Have at least ten years teaching experience

- Have managerial experience within an educational environment

- Be a trained and certified teacher

- Possess good verbal and written communication skills

- Be competent with digital technologies

- Possess proven leadership skills

- Be hard working

- Be versed and experienced in school development

- Be self-motivated

- Have energy, humour and flexibility

- Be fluent in both German and English – written and spoken


Interested persons should:

- Be familiar with school evaluation and school quality control processes

- Be familiar with local and international curricula

- Be familiar with the rules and regulations governing local and international educational bureaucracies and organisations (Berliner Schulamt, IBO, CIS, CIE, etc.)

- Value and follow current findings in Educational Research


Interested persons should:

- Understand the different learner types

- Be able to instruct parents and fellow teachers

- Understand the Kant imperative of rising to meet the challenge

- Understand and appreciate the potential of independent schools

- Be able to work with limited resources

- Be able to recognise talent


If you feel up to the challenge, we would like to hear from you. Please forward your personal concept for a Kant Academy, together with your CV and relevant references to:

NB: The initial contract will be for a period of two years



The Private Kant Schools Foundation has provided Infant, Primary and Secondary Education in Berlin since 1959. Our successes in teaching and in implementing the requirements of local and international curriculum have met with recognition both locally, by the Berlin Educational Authority and internationally, through such organisations as the CIE and the IBO. Kant Schools Limited has also been involved in vocational training. Indeed, the original KANT Academy provided students with career paths in different areas of commerce till 2008.

2016 marked the re-launch of an all new KANT Academy, now with a special focus on further education and professional training. The inspiration for a new KANT Academy emerged out of a Conference attended by students,  parents, teachers and educational experts dedicated to exploring the Future of Education; this conference itself being an integral component of the 50 Year Kant Schools Jubilee celebrated in 2009/10.

The Kant Academy will encourage teachers and parents alike to engage in actively supporting and understanding the processes through which children and adolescence mature and learn. It will provide a forum for an exchange of information and experiences and monitor scientific advances in this area.

The Kant Academy will support all members of the SPKS in better understanding their roles while exploring the opportunities (and dangers) afforded by the increasingly digitized world we live in. It will provide a platform for the exchange of successful and proven concepts, for experts in educationally relevant fields to share their findings and pass on their knowledge, and promote the implementation of elements of Kant’s philosophy into our daily teaching praxis.

The KANT Academy will be built on the three basic principles of:

1. Passing on knowledge:

- Organising seminars and Work Shops in educationally relevant areas of Philosophy, Science, and Social Science

2. Receiving knowledge:

- Setting up Debates with invited experts

- Arranging Discussion Events with parent, teacher and student communities

- Delivering Lectures on educationally relevant themes

3. Exchanging knowledge:

- Providing Further Education and Professional Development opportunities

- Exploring new teaching resources and methodologies

- Providing Practical Training opportunities