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Application Process

When applying

Job-openings will appear regularly on this site. Only apply for jobs that are posted. Teachers applying for a position in our school need to possess a valid teaching qualification and be willing to subject themselves to a police check. When submitting your application, please include the position name (i.e. Secondary Math, Primary Art, etc.) in the subject line.

Highly desirable candidates will have:

  • Very strong English and/or German language proficiency
  • Evidence of successful experiences in a similar educational settings
  • Advanced degrees
  • Familiarity with the IB PYP, IGCSE, the Berlin State system, and/or IB DP
  • A willingness to lead or start a school club
  • An ability to facilitate rigorous learning using advanced ICT
  • The potential to be team players / a collaborative spirit and mentality
  • An understanding of how to articulate curriculum in a K - 12 school
  • The capability to improve language competency no matter the subject area taught
  • A can do, will succeed attitude
  • High stamina, and a sense of humor!