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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club – A Community Initiative

The Breakfast Club is organised by parents, students and teachers. It is a wonderful aspect of our school and a social focus.

Very well frequented and supported by the Secondary School students the Breakfast Club is open from 08:00 in the morning, and it provides, amongst other things, warm toasted sandwiches, bagels and paninis.

The Breakfast Club tries to work as cost efficient as possible. All students’ labour is voluntary and students come in before school, during break times and free periods. Possible profits generated are re-invested into the Breakfast Club or used to sponsor non-profit student activities.

What do the students learn at the Breakfast Club?

  • Team work
  • Responsibility as ‘employee’: being on time, do your job properly
  • Hygiene and dealing with food
  • Manners by serving the customers
  • Responsibility when dealing with money
  • Organisation skills