»Sapere aude, incipe! - Have the courage to use your own intellect.«

This motto of the Enlightenment comes from our school’s namesake, Immanuel Kant. It characterizes the Private Kant Schools Foundation, which facilitates the annual KANT Prize giving ceremony. Each year employees from our schools are asked to identify outstanding work reflecting this motto.

The traditional Kant Prize Competition will be held in 2023. This is a chance to recognise and celebrate the achievements of our students who, since March 2022,  you feel have achieved something special/exceptional  at B.I.S.

There are three distinct categories ;

Natural Sciences,


Social Service.

These strongly connect to the fulfillment/achievement of a number of our Mission Guiding Objectives, such as;

1. Provide challenging programs that support students in realizing their academic and individual potential.

2. Offer a curriculum that is local and global, develops conceptual understanding, has a particularly strong emphasis on inquiry and encourages academic excellence.

3. Encourage the development of thinking, communication, social, self-management and research skills.

4. Cultivate multilingualism with an emphasis on English and German language acquisition.

Kant Special Prize

As always, there is a Special Kant Prize and any student or group of students may create and submit something to be considered for nomination for this prize. This year’s theme is  “My Magic Moment in School.”  What does this mean?

Climate change and “Fridays for Future” were already on the agenda when COVID and the accompanying restrictions caused many students to miss school; socialization with peers and adults was greatly missed. Other crises, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the associated energy-saving measures have occupied people’s minds and have been cause for concern. One wonders, is school life different now? What has changed? How can we manage change? To look ahead and spread hope, we want students to share beautiful, special experiences and encounters – during recess, at home, in class, in the choir, anywhere. We want to hear about and encourage the sharing of experiences that have been and will be valuable for students now and in the future. This category highlights situations where our students actions and achievements exemplify the fulfillment of the objectives below;

5. Ensure that students are able to work independently and as part of a team, in addition to having the opportunity to gain leadership experiences.

 8. Facilitate opportunities that enhance social, intellectual, physical and creative competencies inside and outside the classroom

10.Develop awareness of our individual and collective responsibility to live sustainably.