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English Language Learners

We provide extra support to non-native English speakers

The EAL programme at Berlin International School aims to help students develop the language skills needed to participate in the mainstream classroom at their grade level. When students join the school, EAL teachers assess their needs in order to determine the type and level of support required.

EAL pull-out classes are for our beginner level student. At B.I.S., we value and recognize the importance of the host country's language; once students are assessed at a "developing" level of English proficiency (based on a standard set of criteria), they will begin taking German classes with the rest of their class. 

In addition, in-class support is in an important part of the EAL programme and is for all students who receive EAL support in the primary school. The purpose of in-class support is to ensure that our EAL students are supported with the academic language of the classroom, while allowing them more opportunities to interact with their grade-level peers. This support will vary in different classes but will include small group work, shared teaching, individual instruction, one-on-one support, etc.

The length of time required to learn a new language to a level where one can use it competently varies according to a number of factors. Children may acquire basic communicative language skills and appear quite fluent in a relatively short period of time, but it usually takes longer before they are able to acquire deeper understandings and master the complexities of more "academic" language.

EAL teachers continually monitor the students’ progress in consultation with the class teacher. When a student has reached a standard that could be considered competent for their grade level, they are exited from the EAL Programme. Their progress in the mainstream classroom is monitored and further EAL support will always be available if required.

EAL lessons, especially for the students in EAL pull-out classes, place emphasis on communicative task-based activities designed to encourage oral communication. We aim to provide a comfortable environment in which a child can develop skills and gain confidence. As the student progresses, the emphasis shifts to a gradual integration in order to support learning in all subject areas through an inquiry-based approach.

For further information regarding the ELL (EAL) programme in our Primary or Secondary School please take a look at the Guides for Primary and Middle School, IGCSE or MSA.