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Facilities & Resources

Welcome to Campus Dahlem

The Berlin International School (with the affiliated Early Childhood Centre – Kita International) is ideally situated in one campus in the district of Charlottenburg/Wilmersdorf, in the beautiful ‘village’ of Dahlem near the extensive buildings of the Free University Berlin.

The Primary School is housed in a beautifully renovated former maternity hospital. In addition to classrooms dedicated to each class group, the building is equipped with computer technology resources, two art rooms, two music rooms, a library, two dedicated classrooms for German and a small gym.

The Secondary School is situated next to the Primary School. This building was a former Prussian Customs Office. The building houses specialist facilities for art, drama, music, computer technology, biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics and general science, P.E., learning support and a library.

The primary and secondary school houses are united by a nice playground with a separate section devoted to the youngest students. Two main PE Halls are attached to the secondary building but are used by both school sections.

In addition, the School also uses local athletic stadiums, indoor gymnasiums, basketball courts, swimming pools, and theaters to enhance its P.E. and Arts programs.

A good combination of analogue and digital resources

All areas of the School are equipped with intranet (WLAN) and internet access via dedicated computer labs, mobile laptop trolleys, library facilities and individual computers in classrooms. The libraries are well-stocked with books (close to 35.000 copies) reflecting the international nature of the School. In addition, a wide range of CD-ROMs, DVDs and video-cassettes can be borrowed. 

The Secondary School is also home to a Creative Arts suite. 21.5 inch screens featuring Adobe CS5 provide Visual Arts students with a genuinely professional design environment. The secondary music technology is equipped with 13 workstations equipped with midi keyboards and a range of sophisticated music and multimedia software for the benefit of Expressive and Visual Arts students.

We make extensive use of Berlin as a resource, with its myriad of museums and art galleries. Classes have day trips to various locations around and outside Berlin to complement the classroom teaching. Beginning in Grade 5, each grade undertakes a longer trip either in Germany or elsewhere in Europe based on a suitable area of the curriculum.

PSATs and SATs

B.I.S. is a registered centre for students to sit their Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test (PSAT) and Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for those aiming to follow their further education in the USA.