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How to apply

Application process at Berlin International School

Admission may be offered based on 2-3 years of school records and a student application if an opening is available in the appropriate grade and program. This offer is based on our understanding that the student does not have any learning or special needs that have not been fully disclosed or that are identified during the admissions process.

Documents required by the Admissions Office may be faxed, mailed or sent as email attachments. Originals should be hand carried and submitted in person upon arrival inGermany.

Please note that students cannot be recorded as applicants until an application and 2-3 years of school records have been received. The date that the application and a complete set of school records are received by the B.I.S. Admissions Office may be important in a waiting list situation, not the date of the initial contact with B.I.S.

The application is considered complete only when the B.I.S. Admissions office has received ALL of the requested documents and has acknowledged receipt.

After the probationary period the school reserves the right to ask parents to make alternative arrangements for their child’s education, should the school feel that there is no realistic chance of the child accessing the curriculum at a meaningful level.

Admission to the school does not guarantee student enrollment beyond the initial year, which will be dependent on the maintenance of satisfactory levels of progress and behaviour.

Application Timeline
Expatriate students may be admitted at any time of year provided the student meets our academic requirements and there is a space available. This includes German nationals who have lived overseas for the purpose of employment or joining from other international schools inGermany.

Enrollment age and Birthday Cut-off Dates
Students applying to Grade 1 must be 6 years old by Setember 30 of the enrolment year. Exceptions may be made under special circumstances and are subject to approval by the director. Please see the Admissions Officer for details.

High School Applicants
All students in grades 9-12 are required to submit official transcripts to the B.I.S.Secondary School Office so that credits can be transferred.

High school grade classification will be based on number of years completed, number of credits earned, and time of year of arrival. Students entering Grades 11 or 12 must give evidence of near-native English proficiency. In order for students to be awarded an I.B.  diploma with Abitur equivalency they need to fulfill the KMK requirements. Students who are 19 years or older are not normally admitted.

Please use our application form