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Middle School Programme

Students in grades 6-8 join the Middle School Programme

It is a fascinating stage in education: Things change quickly, students develop from being Primary school children to IGCSE students and it seems relationships with friends, teachers and parents seem to change every minute.

In this second stage of education, we try not only to develop the academic potential of Middle School Students, but we are also committed to the social and emotional aspects of learning.

The Curriculum Guide provides detailed insight on how we communicate, how we support the individual and the group and how we develop cross-curricular skills. It includes which key ideas and concepts we focus on in Middle School.
Should you require more information please feel free and contact the secondary office.

Middle School students are required to take the following subjects:

  • Art & Design, Information & Communications Technology
  • Humanities (integrated approach to geography and history)
  • Physical Education
  • English or English as a Second Language
  • German (if appropriate)
  • Language B French or Spanish (Gr. 6 -7) • EAL Support
  • Mathematics (integrated approach to algebra and geometry)
  • Music
  • Sciences (integrated approach to the study of life sciences and physical sciences in grade 6, biology, chemistry and physics in grades 7 and 8)

Information & Communication Technology (ICT)

To enhance the information and computer literacy skills of students in the Middle School Programme, the school uses a combination of Information and Communications Technology classes and a structured cross-curricula IT program. Where possible, students will demonstrate IT skills and knowledge that are integrated into the curriculum of other subjects. Teachers achieve this aim by collaborating with the IT teacher to develop well planned units of study.

Trips Program

Students will have an opportunity to go on a week-long Outward Bound trip. The focus of the Middle School Trips Program is team building and problem solving through physical and intellectual challenge.

The aims of this program are two-fold; one, to live, learn and travel cooperatively; and two, to extend and apply school curriculum in a realistic and often more interesting environment.

To acquire more information about the educational Middle School Programme, please consult our Middle School Curriculum Guide in the Downloads section.