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The MSA (mittlerer Schulabschluss) is a nationally recognised German exam, initiated in 2006, designed for all students in Berlin to make sure that those students who leave school after Grade 10 have a recognised certificate and, to show that those students who continue on to higher education have the necessary skills required.

B.I.S. offers our students a unique possibility in providing them with various and varying pathways to educational and vocational achievement. It recognises the importance of awarding our national and international students with a certificate that opens up many pathways for success within our host country of Germany.

Each student, who has lived in Germany for at least 2 years or is German will have three written examinations: German, Mathematics and English (a written paper and a short oral examination). A fourth subject has to be chosen for a presentation, which can be done in English or German, depending on the student’s preference and subject choice. This part of the examination will take place just prior to the work experience session in June and is organised as a group presentation.

The MSA is awarded using the results of the written exams and presentation along with a student’s grade point average at the end of Grade 10.

Further information concerning the exam will be available during an information session for students before the October break and for parents at the Parent Teacher Conference day in November.

For more information regarding the MSA please login to the password protected area of the B.I.S. website and check out the downloads section or see this German website