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School Foundation

Dear Parents, Students, and B.I.S. Team,

On behalf of the Foundation, welcome to Berlin International School – a place where every learner can develop their full intellectual and human potential.

B.I.S. Primary and Secondary are locally and internationally recognized programmes. They are open to any young person ready to meet the challenge of a B.I.S. education in an atmosphere of mutual respect and enthusiasm for learning.

Foundation “Stiftung Private Kant-Schulen gGmbH” is the governing body of Berlin International School (B.I.S.) and we have the responsibility of, to ensure its effective development in collaboration with the Director. The Foundation establishes policies and practices, supports with long and short-term planning, while delegating the day-to-day leadership to the Director, who we appoint.

The Foundation’s philosophy is to ensure that the interests of all B.I.S. stakeholders are served. To achieve this, we encourage open and active communication with each and every one of you.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me at


Andreas Wegener
Chief Executive Officer
Foundation “Stiftung Private Kant-Schulen gGmbH”