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Trial Days

Why not try it?

Trial days are offered by B.I.S. Primary and Secondary School and attendance at such days may be required as part of the admission procedure. Generally there will be three days. During these days, tests may be given to confirm whether the school feels the student is likely to integrate easily and that the student's needs can be met. The school’s EAL staff will always be informed of any trial students coming for a visit. They will ascertain whether or not an EAL test is needed and, as a result, will advise the principal about placement for the student concerned.

The first weeks of school are probationary and during this period the suitability of courses and year group will be assessed by teachers, student and parents, and adjustments may be made. Until the lapsing of this trial period, placement is provisional.

B.I.S. reserves the right to refuse admission to the school when:

  • It is determined that the student would not benefit educationally from attending the school
  • The student has a negative scholastic/behavioural record, and is deemed to be likely to have a negative impact on the B.I.S. community
  • The School cannot meet the special educational needs of the student
  • The School has no space within a class or year group
  • Required documents and agreements are not provided and signed by parents or guardians.

When places are not available
Applicants who cannot be enrolled due to lack of space in a grade or program shall be placed in a waiting pool until a space becomes available.

Admissions priority
B.I.S. is a family oriented school. Siblings of current B.I.S. students may be given priority if the student meets our academic requirements and a place is available in the appropriate grade level and program.