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Admission Student Support Services

Students with Special Learning Needs

While staff and specialists provide support for students with learning needs, B.I.S. does not have the resources or programs to support students with major learning disabilities or physical challenges. Any educational, emotional or physical needs must be noted in detail in the admission application. Families must provide any available academic or psychological evaluations and reports of extra academic support the applicant is receiving. The school may require families to provide further information prior to a final registration decision. Failure to disclose such information may result in revocation of an offer of admission. Just prior to commencement or early in the student’s placement, further assessments will be undertaken for the purposes of program development and planning.

Students with Enrichment Needs (Gifted Learners)

The school provides programs for students with enrichment needs. The opportunities include class placement considerations, classroom accommodations and differentiated instruction, and enrichment activities. The Enrichment Program extends and adds to the regular curriculum of the school by providing academic extension and additional learning opportunities to the identified students. Eligibility for the Enrichment Program is verified through screening, standardized and informal assessments, consultation with the student's teacher and discussions with parents. This is followed by formal identification of the student's eligibility through the consideration of student performance against criteria and specific measures. During admissions families are asked to provide all available academic or psychological evaluations and reports of academic extension the applicant is receiving.