IB World School

Embracing multicultural diversity

"We are a student and learning focused IB World School that facilitates an appreciation and respect for our shared humanity and diverse community."

Our Mission

Grades 1-5

Our Primary School aims to cultivate curiosity and a thirst for learning in each of our students. We see ourselves as a community of learners who are dedicated to the values of the IB Primary Years Programme and the educational goals of the State of Berlin.


Grades 6-8

In our Middle Years, we provide the necessary guidance and structure to deepen students' knowledge and responsibility for their own learning while encouraging the energy and natural curiosity of these years.


Grades 9-12

Students are prepared for post-secondary education in colleges and universities throughout the world, first through the nationally recognised German MSA exam in Grade 10 (final stage of the Middle Years Programme), and then the IB Diploma in Grades 11-12.



Berlin International School is

  • an authorized IB World School,
  • a state recognized private school in the State of Berlin,
  • a private, non-profit, non-denominational day school offering student-centered learning to international and local students,
  • fully accredited by Council of International Schools and Middle States Association (MSA-CESS),
  • a part of Stiftung Private-Kant Schulen gGmbH and play an active role in the life of this educational institution.

First impression

Conveniently located in southwest Berlin

Figures and focus

Signatures of our success

70+ Nationalities

35 Ø IBDP score 2024

2018 CIS re-accreditation

96% IBDP passed



Whether working with iPads, Smartboards or in multimedia labs, B.I.S.’s curriculum and student learning is deepened through the meaningful integration of technology.

The Arts

The Arts

Students can engage in a wide range of exciting arts opportunities at B.I.S. Beyond our music and visual arts curriculum, students explore dance, drama and more.



Sport forms a major part of the B.I.S. extracurricular programme with a wide variety of athletic offerings and competitions, such as the German International School Sports competition.


Principles of learning at B.I.S.

We are committed to promoting the values and attributes of the IB Learner Profile and the “Bildungs- und Erziehungsziele” in the State of Berlin, while facilitating an appreciation and respect of our shared humanity and diverse community.

  • Provide challenging programs that support students in realizing their academic and individual potential.
  • Offer a curriculum that is local and global, develops conceptual understanding, has a particularly strong emphasis on inquiry and encourages academic excellence.
  • Encourage the development of thinking, communication, social, self-management and research skills.
  • Cultivate multilingualism with an emphasis on English and German language acquisition.
  • Ensure that students are able to work independently and as part of a team, in addition to having the opportunity to gain leadership experiences.
  • Innovate with technology to further enhance teaching and learning.
  • Support learning and program development through effective, deliberate assessment practices.
  • Facilitate opportunities that enhance social, intellectual, physical and creative competencies inside and outside the classroom.
  • Create a safe, supportive environment where the physical and emotional integrity of each member of our community is respected.
  • Develop awareness of our individual and collective responsibility to live sustainably.
  • Foster a shared partnership between students, families and the school.


Basically, the chemistry between the family and the school should be right, because we attach great importance to a trusting exchange. Families who are verifiably active on the international stage are given priority.

Knowledge of English and / or German is certainly an advantage, but not a basic requirement, although very good English skills are needed with increasing class level in order to be able to follow the lessons. Knowledge of English will be determined in the course of entrance tests. For the different age groups, language support programs for English and German of different levels offer good opportunities to quickly compensate for language deficits.

For information on the Programmes offered at our school, please visit our Primary & Secondary pages.

Berlin International School exists primarily to serve the international educational needs of the national and international community of Berlin/Brandenburg. However, admission is open to all students who wish to profit from a challenging, international, university preparatory education.

As a state-recognized alternative school, our teachers must have certified teaching qualifications. Every teacher who teaches with us will be registered in the Senate Education Administration when the responsible body is hired. Proof of qualifications is checked there and so-called teaching permits are issued. In addition, our teachers regularly take part in further and advanced training.

Basically, school fees correspond to an annual fee that can be conveniently divided into twelve monthly instalments. For a school year, payments are to be made from August of one year up to and including July of the following year. The school fees include the costs for school attendance, warm lunches and all-day care.

In the school year 2023/2024, annual school fees amount to EUR 11,880.00 for Grades 1-6, EUR 12,720.00 for Grades 7-10 and EUR 17,400.00 for grades 11 and 12 (IBDP), resulting in monthly instalments of EUR 990.00 respectively EUR 1,050.00 or EUR 1,450.00. A one-time admission fee of EUR 800.00 is payable upon conclusion of the contract.

Furthermore, there is an annual charge for “resource fees” at the beginning of each school year as follows

Grades 1-5       –  € 100,00
Grades 6-8      –  € 150,00
Grades 9-10    –  € 200,00

Additional costs may arise in the context of After School Activities, excursions, school trips and external exams.

Yes, there are, e.g. for siblings who are also students at B.I.S. Corresponding additional agreements are issued by the Admissions Office when the contract is concluded. Low-income families can also apply for income-related school fees. The application form plus complete and reliable evidence of family income should be sent to the Management Office. For further inquiries on income-related school fees please contact the management at gf@private-kant-schulen.de.

2024StartEnd1st Day
Winter holidays12.02.2416.02.2421.02.24
No School/In Service19.02.2420.02.2421.02.24
Public Holiday08.03.2408.03.2411.03.24
Easter Holidays25.03.2405.04.2408.04.24
No School/In Service18.04.2418.04.2419.04.24
Public Holiday01.05.2401.05.2402.05.24
No School/Public Holidays08.05.2410.05.2413.05.24
Public Holiday20.05.2420.05.2421.05.24
Summer Holidays05.07.2423.08.2426.08.24
Public Holiday03.10.2404.10.2407.10.24
Autumn Holidays21.10.2425.10.2428.10.24
Christmas Holidays16.12.2403.01.2507.01.25
2025StartEnd1st Day
No School06.01.2506.01.2507.01.25
Winter Holidays17.02.2521.02.2525.02.25
No School24.02.2524.02.2525.02.25
Easter Holidays14.04.2525.04.2528.04.25
No School/Public Holidays01.05.2502.05.2505.05.25
No School/Public Holidays29.05.2530.05.2502.06.25
No School/Public Holidays09.06.2509.06.2510.06.25
Summer Holidays03.07.2522.08.2525.08.25

An overview of the school holidays including the dates for conferences, celebrations, etc. can be downloaded here.