Extra curricular activities

Enriching students' lives

We offer an extensive activities program from Primary through Secondary. On any given day, approximately 30 classes take place after school. Workshops on weekends further complement our program.

Extra curricular activities have numerous benefits to the development of your children. In addition to providing enjoyment, these activities support management skills, increase overall productivity, reduce stress and allow children to socialize. They can expand interests and promote dedication and perseverance. For older students, a range of extracurricular involvement in activities like Speech and Debate, Chess Club, programming or Model United Nations can also be indicative of well-roundedness when applying for colleges and universities. Sports clubs, moreover, support physical development and can further develop team building and collaboration skills, while creative art activities are a fabulous way to support self-expression and creativity in young people.

Our activities program is a unique opportunity to make new friends and develop bonds in our international context that will last a lifetime!