Our IB graduates have embarked on new and exciting endeavours. We bid them farewell and wish them all the very best as they begin their adult lives.

On June 5th, 2021, after weeks of changing regulations, B.I.S. was able to hold an open-air Graduation ceremony. The blue sky, sun, and mild temperatures were ideal for our first, large on-campus gathering since the start of the pandemic. The playground and entrance were superbly decorated by our IBDP Parent Graduation team, one former, and two current students. We were extremely grateful for their hard work, support, organisation, and design skills.

This set the stage for a unique atmosphere. After all, it was the first time we had held a graduation outdoors. Rather than sitting together with one another on the stage, each student in the graduating class, 22 nationalities in all, sat in a small cluster surrounded by their closest family and friends. This created a palpable sense of intimacy that was most salient when the graduates walked across the stage, cheered on by their loved ones, to receive their diplomas from Director, Dr. Richard Eaton.

Dr. Eaton was introduced by Secondary Principal, Mr. Micheal Cunningham, and was honored to share the stage with the day’s guest speaker, Mr. Femi Oyewole, the Founding Director of Black Brown Berlin (BBB). BBB seeks “to build and sustain deeper, more meaningful connections with Black and Brown communities — not only to grow… relationships but to preserve them” in Berlin and beyond. Mr. Oyewole’s speech, which was infused with motivation and advice for the graduates, also addressed issues of equality, inclusion, and social justice, themes our Grade 11 students, who selected this year’s speaker, felt our community should be championing. Mr. Oyewole’s remarks were followed by very personal speeches from IBDP Coordinator Ms. Emma Moffat and graduating students Fedora and Andrei. Recognition of the work of longtime CEO of the Kant Schools, Mr. Andreas Wegener, and Mr. Adrian Leang, who played piano at 17 graduations, both of whom retired in 2020, and departing Kita Principal Ms. Kirsten Leang, rounded out the program.

A final thanks to the support and technical staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes. Their commitment made this event possible on just three days’ notice.