As part of a fundraising event for the “Kältebus” of Berlin’s “Stadtmission”, a team of students from the B.I.S. organized a charity run.

The event took place on a Friday in October 2019 with more than 400 participants. The five organizers, aged 16 and 17, had prepared the event on their own initiative in the previous weeks and collected donations after the run.

The project that benefited from the donation proceeds was the “Kältebus”. Since the death of a homeless person in Berlin in 1994, two buses have been driving through the night in search of needy homeless people looking for a warm place to sleep. The project is mainly financed by donations. The success of this project is of great interest to the entire team of students who are committed to social engagement.

In order to ensure that the event ran smoothly, the team first developed a work plan: from ensuring the safety of the participating students along the street and on the sports field, through the management of the warm-up exercises and a snack team that looked after the well-being of the students, there were many people in charge, including announcers and the project management, who ensured a regular and punctual start of the run as well as the evaluation of the donations.

A large part of the IBDP students as well as a considerable part of the teaching staff was involved in the event.

Once the last round was finished, the sports field was cleaned up and the students were brought back safely to the B.I.S. campus, the work for the eleventh graders continued. Laps run by the participants had to be counted and registered, and the donation amount had to be calculated accordingly. The donation amount was finally announced at a student meeting and a symbolic check was presented to a representative of the “Kältebus”.

The donation run took place for the sixth time and, as has been the case several times in previous years, resulted in a four-figure donation amount.