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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enrol my child in B.I.S. now?

Parents can enroll their children anytime during the school year by using the application form which can be downloaded from the B.I.S. homepage.

Does my child have to take an entrance exam?

In primary school we usually invite potential students for three trial days. Admission is then decided on the basis of this visit. The principal meets the parents and the child to determine whether B.I.S. is the right school choice for the child and, if yes, to determine which grade level the child will enter. Secondary students will need to sit an entrance exam. IB students will, after admission, need to meet with the IB Diploma Coordinator in order to determine the choice of subjects.

Can children who come from Berlin or Brandenburg enrol in the school?

Yes. International schools are ideal for parents who want their children to grow up in international and multicultural environments. The certificates/diplomas which are offered by B.I.S. (IGCSE, High School & IB Diploma) are recognized by the German educational system and the city of Berlin.

Is it possible to admit a child who does not yet speak English or German?

Learning in a second language for academic purposes takes time. However, at B.I.S. we have a supportive environment that enables students, whose first language is not English, to acquire the social and academic language needed to participate fully in all aspects of school life.

How can I ensure that my child's mother tongue is maintained?

In B.I.S. we have a positive attitude towards linguistic and cultural diversity, and we celebrate the variety of languages and cultures within our school. We encourage parents to continue to develop their children's mother tongue(s) through, for example, talking to them about experiences at school, discussing what they are learning. In our activities programme we already offer, Chinese writing, French, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Russian and hope to offer more languages in the near future.

Is lunch provided?

B.I.S. considers a healthy lunch to be an important part of the school day. Students have the option of bringing a packed lunch from home or taking part in the hot lunch programme provided by the school (included in the school fee).

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After School Activities
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