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Field Trips and Visits

B.I.S. believes that cultural excursions and school trips represent excellent learning opportunities and so field trips are integral to the curriculum.

From our youngest students spending a morning visiting the local area as part of their Unit of Inquiry into Sharing the Planet, to our older students spending five days in Spain or France to study the languages or visiting Thailand for two weeks to support children in need and learn the culture of the country, all our students have the opportunity to learn through first-hand experience. Our host country Germany offers a range of cultural, geographical and outdoor learning opportunities. Being in the heart of Europe means our older students are also able to travel further afield easily.

Students in Grade 1 to Grade 4 go on a number of day field trips during the school year and then from Grade 5 upwards, students have overnight trips within Germany and beyond. As well as curricular trips, students enjoy trips to represent B.I.S. in Speech & Debate, Model United Nations as well as at sports and music events.

Mandatory curricular field trips are included in school fees; non-curricular trips, such as sporting or musical trips, are at an additional fee.

Some students may also take part in the school’s humanitarian project, where a group of students and teachers from B.I.S. goes to Thailand during the winter to support other children and teachers working in a school with a significantly different level of resources to that enjoyed at B.I.S.