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Student Councils

The students' mouthpiece

Primary Student Council
Students from Grade 3 to Grade 5 at the Dahlem campus are offered the opportunity to participate in self-government, decision-making and project planning through the Primary Student Council. The Primary Student Council meets once every week during lunchtimes to discuss issues, concerns and requests from the student body, then they relay this information to the respective Principal for action. They also coordinate spirit day events with the Secondary Student Council and class or club fundraising activities. In addition, they recommend revisions and additions to school policies. Student Council representatives are elected by students from their homeroom each year. Primary Student Council is chaired and facilitated by two Primary staff members.

Secondary Student Council
The role of the Secondary Student Council is to bring out the voice of students. They strive to satisfy the needs of the student body, improve their social lives, be liaisons between student body and faculty, improve student life, raise money for causes and charities and work together with the Primary Student Council for whole school events. The Secondary Student Council has been responsible for such things as the IB Study Lounge, the Middle School Recreation Room, the Breakfast Club, etc.