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Welcome to the Berlin International School at Campus Dahlem!

Berlin International School (B.I.S.) at Campus Dahlem is part of the international and bilingual branch (E/G) of Stiftung Private Kant-Schulen gGmbH We offer both nationally and internationally recognized educational opportunities from first grade through the end of secondary school to children and young adults whose families are internationally mobile. A second bilingual branch is located at Campus Steglitz and is known as Internationale Schule Berlin (ISB). Collectively, Campus Dahlem and Campus Steglitz are one school called Berlin International School / Internationale Schule Berlin based on two locations. Transfers from one location to another are possible.

In our vibrant international community we facilitate a curriculum that is rigorous and diverse: alignment with the Berlin Rahmenlehrplan, the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), the IGCSE, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) provides challenge and inspiration for our students while instilling a love of learning that transcends school. Ultimately, we ensure that learners have the knowledge, skills, and values to cope with the future world.

As part of our community of learners, children benefit from a nurturing environment, gaining a sense of confidence by working with an experienced and skilled staff of international professionals. Not only does this culminate in excellent academic results and placement in some of the world’s top universities, it also equates beneficial mentoring relationships for children of all ages as adults at B.I.S. model a sense of collegiality, balance, humor, and intellectual curiosity. We aspire to be a happy, exciting place where children are motivated to become successful academically, personally, and socially.

At B.I.S., education is also a partnership. Parents and the school are a collaborative team, decision-making is learning-driven, and all stakeholders are valued and respected. Understanding the needs of families looking to be grounded in the host culture while keeping a global outlook, we have the ability to differentiate to a range of needs while maintaining an inclusive environment.

A warm welcome and a world of opportunity await you.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Eaton



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We are happy to report that our results in the 2016 IGCSE Examinations were very pleasing. In May and June 504 individual examinations were taken by 69 B.I.S. Grade 10 students. Of these examinations, an extremely impressive 39% were awarded A*/A grades, while overall 90% of the results were A - C (pass) grades. 

Congratulations to all the students for their hard work, patience, and dedication - especially in the trying examination months of May and June.

A special congratulations to our “straight A” students who received A or A* grades in all of their IGCSE examinations: FILIP, DAVID LUCA, PHILIPP, LIESL, NICHIHO, ALVARO,  and, last but not least, GABRIELLE, who earned all A* results.

We also congratulate our Grade 10 students on completing their MSA exams, with 88% of those taking part achieving the MSA .

Marina Kalinchev 
IGCSE Exams Coordinator

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IB Diploma Programme

In July 2016 we received results for our IB Diploma programme students. The class of 2016 achieved an absolutely outstanding set of results, which were a justified reward for their hard work, diligence and commitment during the IB Diploma course. 98% of students were awarded the IB Diploma. 

The average points score awarded was 35, the highest in the history of the school. In total, we had 6 students who scored 40 points or more, with one student achieving the maximum score of 45. We warmly congratulate all of our students on their success and wish them the very best as they move into their Higher Education.

Emma Moffatt
IB Diploma Programme Coordinator

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