Admissions Process

First things first

You believe your child will benefit from the educational programme at B.I.S., great, then please use our application form to get started on the admissions process. Submit the filled in form, signed by both parents (or proof of sole custody), along with copies of recent report cards, birth certificate, by email to the attention of our Admissions Officer, Ms. Melanie Sommer-Joest.

  • Application documents received by our Admissions Officer
  • Documents are assessed, applicants get contacted if more are needed
  • If application form and documents are in order, then the child is placed either directly on the list of applicants, or on a waiting list
  • Entrance tests are carried out for applicants for Grade 6 upwards; trial days are carried out for Grades 1-5 applicants, if they help with the admission decision
  • A place is offered
  • The place is accepted
  • A school contract is issued for signing


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Basically, the chemistry between the family and the school should be right, because we attach great importance to a trusting exchange. Families who are verifiably active on the international stage are given priority.

Berlin International School exists primarily to serve the international educational needs of the national and international community of Berlin/Brandenburg. However, admission is open to all students who wish to profit from a challenging, international, university preparatory education.

Knowledge of English and / or German is certainly an advantage, but not a basic requirement, although very good English skills are needed with increasing class level in order to be able to follow the lessons. Knowledge of English will be determined in the course of entrance tests. For the different age groups, language support programs for English and German of different levels offer good opportunities to quickly compensate for language deficits.

For information on the Programmes offered at our school, please visit our Primary & Secondary pages.

As a state-recognized alternative school, our teachers must have certified teaching qualifications. Every teacher who teaches with us will be registered in the Senate Education Administration when the responsible body is hired. Proof of qualifications is checked there and so-called teaching permits are issued. In addition, our teachers regularly take part in further and advanced training.

Basically, school fees correspond to an annual fee that can be conveniently divided into twelve monthly instalments. For a school year, payments are to be made from August of one year up to and including July of the following year. The school fees include the costs for school attendance, warm lunches and all-day care.

In the school year 2023/2024, annual school fees amount to EUR 11,880.00 for Grades 1-6, EUR 12,720.00 for Grades 7-10 and EUR 17,400.00 for grades 11 and 12 (IBDP), resulting in monthly instalments of EUR 990.00 respectively EUR 1,050.00 or EUR 1,450.00. A one-time admission fee of EUR 800.00 is payable upon conclusion of the contract.

Furthermore, there is an annual charge for “resource fees” at the beginning of each school year as follows

Grades 1-5       –  € 100,00
Grades 6-8      –  € 150,00
Grades 9-10    –  € 200,00

Additional costs may arise in the context of After School Activities, excursions, school trips and external exams.

Yes, there are, e.g. for siblings who are also students at B.I.S. Corresponding additional agreements are issued by the Admissions Office when the contract is concluded. Low-income families can also apply for income-related school fees. The application form plus complete and reliable evidence of family income should be sent to the Management Office. For further inquiries on income-related school fees please contact the management at

Our Admissions Office is open from 08:00h to 16:00h. Our Admissions Officer, Ms Melanie Sommer-Joest, can be contacted on +49 30 82 00 77 780, or by email.


Prior to admission please see these