Over the past months the Secondary Student Council Team has been working on their new initiative joining the network »Schule ohne Rassismus«. On 08.11.2023, the entire school gathered to celebrate the kick-off.

On 17.05.2023, the entire school (pupils, teachers and staff) voted on whether our school should join the community “School without Racism”. In order to proceed with the initiative, at least 70% of the votes had to be in favor of joining. This goal was officially achieved on 4.07.2023.

On 8.11.2023, the entire school gathered to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter for B.I.S. The assembly was led by the student council, who invited Mr. Smith and Ms. Sahebi to give guest speeches. They will act as B.I.S. mentors in the future. A representative of the network officially handed over the plaque and the title.

We as a community are very proud of our Student Council team and cannot wait for their projects that will help create a safer and equitable environment.